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Overview & additional information

When hosting a Car Wash Event you will receive 40% of the car wash proceeds – so invite as many people as possible! More Washes = More Profit. Our large parking lot provides great space for a BBQ, Bouncy Castle, and other fun activities!

**NBCHS Functionally Integrated Program (FIP) looks after our Bottle & Can Recycle Program. 50% of proceeds go to FIP and 50% is split between those who host a Car Wash Event.

Step 1

Invite all your family and friends, general public, everyone!

Step 2

We sell you the WashCards with a $25 value, to your charity, at a reduced costs of $10/each

Step 3

You then sell the WashCards at $20. That's a $10 profit! And you can have a BBQ for added profit.

No spare change? No problem.
Sign up for a Washcard and Save!

Additional 10% added when purchasing a new or reloading your WashCard! Register your WashCard for loss protection and access your account online. Splish Splash also offers a Pay-by-Phone service.